Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i love music, making people happy. i'm a dj.

whats up everybody,

well it's official, i have my own blog to post about my adventures as a DJ. it's the ups and downs and everything you need to know on how i get down as well as me sharing my opinions about music. if you're not interested in continue reading then go to another site, but if you would like to stay, i welcome you into my domain and my perspective.

I go by the name DJ Tyco RC aka rob chen and im still very new to this game. been djing for about 2 years now, started out as a hobby of mine which has gotten me to where i am today. being a big name dj is not a goal of mine. if it happens then great. but i would appreciate if everyone gave me the opportunity to hear what i have to write about and to hear me dj. be on the look out for mixes and random junk.i appreciate any suggestions or feedback or helpful tips so feel free to comment.thanks!

btw,i love house parties.

-tyco rc