Thursday, September 24, 2009

Music Revival

waddup world,

Yes, i say world since i'm out here in taiwan while the rest of my friends are sleeping in california. I've been out here for one week now and its been pretty relaxing. Everyday is unplanned filled with new food and experiences which include my musical indulgence. I'm really using this trip to listen to new music and broaden my horizons. One way has been the countless hours i have spent digging through my music library of electronica/house, and dirty electro music. I want to jam out to some funky house music.

You might be wondering why i've been sorting through my music? Well.. i'm djing tonight @ Opus Bar Taipei in the House room so i'm tryna come with it and get people moving. Never been there, but here's the link to the place, check it out :

Anyways, been listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff Live in Amsterdam mix which is one of the reason that gots me in the funk mode. Also DJ Wonway Posibul's Makossa Classics mixtape is one ive been listening too during my stay...

this post was originally written 9/23/09

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  1. Hi, how do we get in contact with you about hiring you as our DJ? Thanks!