Thursday, September 24, 2009

Music Revival

waddup world,

Yes, i say world since i'm out here in taiwan while the rest of my friends are sleeping in california. I've been out here for one week now and its been pretty relaxing. Everyday is unplanned filled with new food and experiences which include my musical indulgence. I'm really using this trip to listen to new music and broaden my horizons. One way has been the countless hours i have spent digging through my music library of electronica/house, and dirty electro music. I want to jam out to some funky house music.

You might be wondering why i've been sorting through my music? Well.. i'm djing tonight @ Opus Bar Taipei in the House room so i'm tryna come with it and get people moving. Never been there, but here's the link to the place, check it out :

Anyways, been listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff Live in Amsterdam mix which is one of the reason that gots me in the funk mode. Also DJ Wonway Posibul's Makossa Classics mixtape is one ive been listening too during my stay...

this post was originally written 9/23/09

Monday, September 14, 2009


yeah so i lied and didn't keep to my word and haven't been updating my blog... my bad.

To all my readers out there, I'm sorry.

So I promise i will be consistent.

Good news, I'm done with school. I'm unemployed so i'll spend my time writing here to past the time and share with you all my experiences.

Plus, been spending time in the lab, perfecting my craft, and recording mixes.

check it out:

So i've been djing here and there lately, doing some private events mostly. I was doing this mansion party in late august. crazy. bananas. my boy was jumping in the indoor swimming pool at midnight while i was djing. wish i coulda swam some laps and hop back on the 1's and 2's.

Upcoming projects:
1. Operation Taiwan Infiltration- testing my luck and seeing if I can rock some clubs out in Taipei.
.... list is incomplete, but I will update when i figure it out. But, I'm flying back to the Far East, for a few weeks, so check back soon.

P.S. Watch the VMA's,....don't sleep on Alicia Keys. She's got a voice of an angel, and so damn fine.


-tyco rc

Monday, August 3, 2009

What's been bumping in my car?

hello stranger, (that's directed to me)

Soo, i haven't been keeping up to date with this blog. Not very good. Maybe this time it will be different. I must say I've been busy trying to finish up school, only 2 more weeks of summer school ya dig? Had some gigs here and there, a bunch of birthday events, was at Sutra 2 weeks ago, help do a wedding all the way out in Fresno, Hayward High c/o '99 reunion, and some more coming in the next few weeks.

So what's been bumping in my car? You should definitely check out Russ Chimes esper mix. I found the link for those who want to DL the mix. Here's the listing of the artists featured in the mix:


01. russ chimes - intro
02. alex metric - pins
03. a-trak - woah
04. cosmos - take me with you (aston shuffle bootleg)
05. chromeo - fancy footwork (russ chimes remix)
06. division kent - mon blue (keenhouse remix)
07. treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor (lifelike remix)
08. roman salzger & lifelike - radio 84
09. dfa 1979 - black history month (fred falke & alan braxe remix)
10. thunderheist - jerk it (jokers of the scene remix)
11. russ chimes - she’s got the heat
12. aston shuffle - stomp yo shoes (shazam remix)
13. russ chimes - mulsanne
14. shazam - pool party
15. the golden filter - solid gold (russ chimes’ 24 carat remix)
16. louis la roche - peach (sidechains remix)
17. xinobi - valsa in new jersey
18. foamo - everything cool
19. lifelike - in my car

I like it and it gets my day going. Also, I have 2 mixes of my own that you all should sample:


I'm continuing to work and improve my skill. Hopefully see some remixes of my own in the near future.

New music I need to check up on: Discovery = Vampire Weekend+ Ra Ra Riot


im out.


Monday, April 27, 2009

this friday. may 1st. @ Atmosphere, updates & more

what's up world. to those who do/don't who read this: 

It's been awhile...i'm actually on some caffeine right now and somehow managed to update this. 

Check me out this friday if you get a chance. The flyer is above. I'll be spinning all night so hit me up for guestlist.

SOOOOOOoo life's been busy. school, work (prior to getting laid off), friends and family, and my other endeavors. *fractured my foot =( but here are some updates about what's been going on. 

1)be on the lookout for a mixtape, coming soon to your nearest cd player/itunes/windows media player. shout out to andrew and soon to be Orbit SF Bus Tours and Carlo with that bottle of PAVE.

2)follow me on twitter:

3) i'm djing @ bambuddha lougne every friday as well. you can catch me in the mix there on most fridays. check out for the details or message me.

4) saw the ting tings last week and they are quite the entertaining duo. i definitely want have as much fun as them when i DJ. (Note to self: find time to sit down and work with the mpc)

ting tings

5) "AC" (will explain more details soon) is on the horizon. be on the lookout for this. my boy neil & i are about to take over the internet =)

-btw, check out this remix and add it to your playlist:

-sorry for all these little tidbits, but if i have any oakland raider fans out there..please pray that DHB pans out for us. Photobucket

So that's a quick recap. I will start to update more frequently and i promise you will be entertained. or at least some of you. 


tyco rc

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i love music, making people happy. i'm a dj.

whats up everybody,

well it's official, i have my own blog to post about my adventures as a DJ. it's the ups and downs and everything you need to know on how i get down as well as me sharing my opinions about music. if you're not interested in continue reading then go to another site, but if you would like to stay, i welcome you into my domain and my perspective.

I go by the name DJ Tyco RC aka rob chen and im still very new to this game. been djing for about 2 years now, started out as a hobby of mine which has gotten me to where i am today. being a big name dj is not a goal of mine. if it happens then great. but i would appreciate if everyone gave me the opportunity to hear what i have to write about and to hear me dj. be on the look out for mixes and random junk.i appreciate any suggestions or feedback or helpful tips so feel free to comment.thanks!

btw,i love house parties.

-tyco rc