Monday, September 14, 2009


yeah so i lied and didn't keep to my word and haven't been updating my blog... my bad.

To all my readers out there, I'm sorry.

So I promise i will be consistent.

Good news, I'm done with school. I'm unemployed so i'll spend my time writing here to past the time and share with you all my experiences.

Plus, been spending time in the lab, perfecting my craft, and recording mixes.

check it out:

So i've been djing here and there lately, doing some private events mostly. I was doing this mansion party in late august. crazy. bananas. my boy was jumping in the indoor swimming pool at midnight while i was djing. wish i coulda swam some laps and hop back on the 1's and 2's.

Upcoming projects:
1. Operation Taiwan Infiltration- testing my luck and seeing if I can rock some clubs out in Taipei.
.... list is incomplete, but I will update when i figure it out. But, I'm flying back to the Far East, for a few weeks, so check back soon.

P.S. Watch the VMA's,....don't sleep on Alicia Keys. She's got a voice of an angel, and so damn fine.


-tyco rc

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