Monday, August 3, 2009

What's been bumping in my car?

hello stranger, (that's directed to me)

Soo, i haven't been keeping up to date with this blog. Not very good. Maybe this time it will be different. I must say I've been busy trying to finish up school, only 2 more weeks of summer school ya dig? Had some gigs here and there, a bunch of birthday events, was at Sutra 2 weeks ago, help do a wedding all the way out in Fresno, Hayward High c/o '99 reunion, and some more coming in the next few weeks.

So what's been bumping in my car? You should definitely check out Russ Chimes esper mix. I found the link for those who want to DL the mix. Here's the listing of the artists featured in the mix:


01. russ chimes - intro
02. alex metric - pins
03. a-trak - woah
04. cosmos - take me with you (aston shuffle bootleg)
05. chromeo - fancy footwork (russ chimes remix)
06. division kent - mon blue (keenhouse remix)
07. treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor (lifelike remix)
08. roman salzger & lifelike - radio 84
09. dfa 1979 - black history month (fred falke & alan braxe remix)
10. thunderheist - jerk it (jokers of the scene remix)
11. russ chimes - she’s got the heat
12. aston shuffle - stomp yo shoes (shazam remix)
13. russ chimes - mulsanne
14. shazam - pool party
15. the golden filter - solid gold (russ chimes’ 24 carat remix)
16. louis la roche - peach (sidechains remix)
17. xinobi - valsa in new jersey
18. foamo - everything cool
19. lifelike - in my car

I like it and it gets my day going. Also, I have 2 mixes of my own that you all should sample:


I'm continuing to work and improve my skill. Hopefully see some remixes of my own in the near future.

New music I need to check up on: Discovery = Vampire Weekend+ Ra Ra Riot


im out.


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